by Ryan Sprague
by Ryan Sprague
In a Forest
In a Forest
In a Forest, by Ryan Srague

inspired by actual events

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The gentleman sitting next to Art Wallace wouldn't believe what happened if Art told him.  At the stranger's urging, Art reveals a terrifying and surreal series of events he experienced in Rendlesham Forest - and a threat that has followed him ever since.

As a cocky young security police officer stationed on RAF Bentwaters Base, England, Art follows up on a report of a disturbance in the mysterious forest.  Deep in the darkness, Art and his fellow officers are stunned to discover a craft that defies all earthly explanation.  What has arrived in the craft makes contact with Art - and proceeds to shake the very core of his being.  Reeling from his encounter with the unknown, he finds himself thrust into a military conspiracy to conceal the truth of extraterrestrial life.  As Art seeks an escape, his world begins to turn on him. The very structures and allegiances he has trusted may be the ones intending to silence him forever.  Perhaps not even the gentleman sitting next to Art is all that he seems.

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